Q1. Which Network does Koodo Use and How stable is the Network?

Koodo is one of the top mobility companies by making the best use of spectrum available,

covering 99% of the Canadian population and ensuring best access to all the users.

Any unlocked phones that are compatible with LTE/4G/HSPA+ should work with Koodo.

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Q2. What is the Coverage Area of Koodo?

We run on Canada’s largest 4G LTE Coast-to-coast network, just like the big guys.

But with us you get better prices and better customer service.

You can check our coverage map here

Q3. How do I pay my bill? Can I walk into a store to pay for it?

There are various ways to pay your bill.

  • You can sign up for Koodo Self-Serve (Online) to pay your bill (Recommended).
  • You can pay your bill through your internet banking.
  • You can bring your Koodo account# and walk into your bank to pay your bill.
  • You can call Koodo Customer Service (*611 on your Koodo Phone) to pay your bill.

Yes, we also take your payment at our any branch with your Credit Card, Visa Debit, or Master Debit.

However, we do not accept CASH for your bill payment.

Q4. What is a Koodo Tab?

Koodo’s Tab is the most straightforward and affordable way to get a new phone without any hidden fees.

When you buy a new phone phone from Koodo, we tell you how much you pay upfront. Now, you decide how much you want to pay, and the rest of the Tab balance will be divided into 24 monthly payments; for example,

You pay $0 upfront for a $360 worth phone, and $360 will be divided into 24 months payments($15 for 24 months). you will be paying $15 on top of the plan you choose for the following 24 months.

After that, you will only be paying for your monthly plan.

Q5. Can I change my Plan? If so, how do change it?

Yes, you can definitely change your plan. You can change your plan once each billing cycle.

There are two different ways of doing this:

– You can use Koodo Self-Serve (Online) to change your plan (Recommended because it is free).

– You can call Koodo’s Customer Service (*611 from your Koodo phone) and ask customer service representative to change your plan. (You may be charged $10 as a service charge).

Q6. Are the availabilities of the phone selections the same across your locations?

Yes, the availabilities for our device selections are same at all our stores. However, depending on the device’s demand, the stock availability may vary from a store to another. Contact us (Hyperlink to contact us page) or visit us (Hyperlink to store locator) to reserve or pre-order your phones ahead of time!